[Mono-dev] Cilk for Mono

Liang, Qichang (梁启昌) kcleung.sourceforge at gmail.com
Fri Nov 5 04:17:48 EDT 2010

I am surprised that the Cilk task-stealing mechanism, which is
algorithmically proven to be the most efficient, is not included in C#
5.0 specification.

However would it be feasible for us to implement Cilk in dmcs for Mono 3.0?

The resultant language will have the new keywords "spawn" and "sync"
(with support for atomic "+=", "-=" operators on spawn results) and
inlets.  The compiler should also forbid using results from spawn
before calling "sync"

Beside performance advantages, the cilk model is really much simpler
than the async interface in C# 5.0

Since Cilk (developed by MIT) is *not* patented, there should be no
legal obstacles preventing us from implementing the Cilk flow model
onto C#, or other mono / .NET languages.

What do you think?



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