[Mono-dev] C# source-to-source compiler

Mark Farnell mark.farnell at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 00:53:34 EDT 2010


I plan to design a language based on an extention of C#, and I would
like to use the mono compiler and abstract syntax tree.

The language extension would require some runtime feature, which can
be implemented by:

- modifying the virtual machine, or
- C# runtime library

In the former case, it can be time consuming for me to navigate
through the virtual machine.

In the latter case, I would need a source to source compiler reading
code written for the extended language and output pure C# code that
links to my runtime library.

For the latter option, I would like to modify the dmcs compiler to
read the code written in the extended language and output pure C# code
(rather than CIL bytecde).

Is this possible?  Are there other better ways?



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