[Mono-dev] Mono and Android: Licensing questions

Jeremy Bell bell.jeremy at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 14:45:02 EDT 2010

As the official MonoDroid SDK is getting closer to release (relatively
speaking), I have a few questions regarding licensing. What part of the Mono
project is covered only under the commercial license and what is covered
under the general license, with respect to using Mono for commercial android

In other words, would I be required to purchase a MonoDroid license under
the following scenarios? My current understanding is that I would not need
to do so for the first two scenarios, but I would probably need to purchase
a license for the fourth scenario. I'm not sure about the third scenario

   1. I build mono from source myself, use only the runtime, and write all
   of my own bindings to the android SDK.
   2. I build mono from source using Koush's patches and tools (he uses
   jni4net to facilitate the android/mono bindings, and he wrote his own
   MonoDevelop add-in).
   3. I build mono from source myself, and the application is written using
   Moonlight (assuming android support is added to moonlight). Any other
   Android SDK bindings I would write myself or use Koush's bindings.
   4. I use the official MonoDroid SDK, distribute the application for free,
   but the app has advertisements for which I receive income.

Are my assumptions regarding scenarios 1, 2, and 4 correct, and what about
the third scenario?

Also, another question I have is will there be any sort of staggered
licensing? I'd like to write android apps as a hobby in my spare time - I
don't expect the apps to draw enough income to buy more than a pizza now and
then. Will there be a less expensive hobbyist commercial license in the
$50-$100 range?
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