[Mono-dev] Adding documentation for new namespace

Jonathan Pryor jonpryor at vt.edu
Wed Jun 30 12:05:11 EDT 2010

On Wed, 2010-06-30 at 14:58 +0100, Chris Bacon wrote:
> I would like to add some documentation for the 
> System.Diagnostics.Contracts namespace, for which there is currently no 
> documentation.
> I cannot see a way to add a new namespace using the Mono Documentation 
> Library. Please could someone let me know how best to do this.

        cd mcs/class/corlib
        	# or some other assembly directory.
        make PROFILE=net_4_0 doc-update
                # generates doc stubs in Documentation/en
        monodoc --edit Documentation/en
        	# view the 'Mono Documentation/mscorlib' node in the
        	# left-hand pane. [0]
You can then edit e.g.
`svn add` your XML files and `svn commit` them.

I've just committed the doc stubs for mscorlib.dll v4.0, so your first
commit won't intermix stubs with content (and be gigantic); r159740.

To install the docs:

        cd mcs/docs
        rm netdocs{.tree,.zip}
        make PROFILE=net_4_0
        make PROFILE=net_4_0 install

The intermediate `rm` is needed to ensure that nedocs.zip is rebuilt, as
the make(1) dependencies for rebuilding are inadequate.

Once you've `make install`ed, monodoc will show the new documentation.

 - Jon

[0] I can't actually recommend 'monodoc --edit' for editing
documentation [1], but it is handy for viewing documentation without
assembling and installing it.


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