[Mono-dev] Registering internal calls at runtime

Michel Boissé mboisse at noesisinnovation.net
Tue Jul 13 15:17:32 EDT 2010

Here's the simplest use case which demonstrates our problem. It consists of 
two projects (an executable assembly and a dll implemented in C). Here's the 
simplest code to reproduce it:

1) Console Application Assembly with Program.cs containing the following 
        using System;
        using System.Runtime.CompilerServices;
        using System.Runtime.InteropServices;

        namespace MonoInternals
            public static class Registrar
                public extern static void RegisterMethods();

            public class InternallyImplementedClass
                public extern static string InternalMethod();

            class Program
                static void Main(string[] args)

2) A dynamic library containing CInternals.c:
        #include <mono/mini/jit.h>
        #include <mono/metadata/environment.h>
        #include <stdlib.h>

            return mono_string_new (mono_domain_get (), "InternalMethod 
called successfully\n\n");

        __declspec(dllexport) void

Registering methods immediately before mono_jit_exec( ) fixes it.

From: "Robert Jordan" <robertj at gmx.net>
Sent: Tuesday, July 13, 2010 7:56 AM
To: <mono-devel-list at lists.ximian.com>
Subject: Re: [Mono-dev] Registering internal calls at runtime

> Hi Michael,
> On 13.07.2010 01:05, Michel Boissé wrote:
>> Thank you Robert, I appreciate your involvement.
>> Here's our problem: any calls to mono_add_internal_call is ineffective 
>> when
>> made from managed code.
>> Our initial idea was to use P/Invoke to load a dynamic library and run 
>> some
>> initialization method in it which would make the appropriate 
>> registrations.
>> Based on tests we did, any call which doesn't precede the mono_jit_exec 
>> call
>> has no effect.
> I've actually tested this before I've answered your post: adding
> internal calls after the first mono_jit_exec() is supported.
> You can even override existing icalls as long as the affected
> methods were not already JITed.
> Robert
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