[Mono-dev] Registering internal calls at runtime

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Tue Jul 13 07:56:43 EDT 2010

Hi Michael,

On 13.07.2010 01:05, Michel Boissé wrote:
> Thank you Robert, I appreciate your involvement.
> Here's our problem: any calls to mono_add_internal_call is ineffective when
> made from managed code.
> Our initial idea was to use P/Invoke to load a dynamic library and run some
> initialization method in it which would make the appropriate registrations.
> Based on tests we did, any call which doesn't precede the mono_jit_exec call
> has no effect.

I've actually tested this before I've answered your post: adding
internal calls after the first mono_jit_exec() is supported.

You can even override existing icalls as long as the affected
methods were not already JITed.


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