[Mono-dev] System.ServiceModel.Web configuration problems

Sander Rijken sr at d-90.nl
Sat Feb 27 11:42:35 EST 2010


I've been working on getting the configuration of System.ServiceModel.Web up
to speed, after finding out that it wasn't working at all when I needed it
in a project. I have some question now that I'm trying to include test code,
and the fixes themselve.

First of all, I think the fixes need to be split up in 3 commits. What's the
best way to generate patches for this, in order to be able to apply them
correctly? All changes are in the same file

The test project for System.ServiceModel.Web includes a project
"nunit.framework.dll20". It seems like you're using 2.4 in other places, and
also without an nunit.framework project in the test solution. Is it ok to
get rid of the reference to the non-existing project, and update the sln /
csproj to use the nunit.framework dll? What is the location of the dll that
should be used here?

Sander Rijken
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