[Mono-dev] Olive Status

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Tue Dec 14 00:10:41 EST 2010


I figured contributing to an area I work with would be easier. I was
> looking at WF or System.Messaging and was interested in finding out
> the status of those 'areas' to see what love they need. Failing that,
> I'm open to other suggestions that need more immediate love.

Most brilliant!

We got a System.Messaging implementation on top of RabbitMQ, although not
being a messaging-kind of guy myself, I can not really say much about it.

The consensus is that WF 4 is the way to go for WF, and that WF3.5 should be
ignored.   WF4 is also supposedly smaller, cleaner and easier to understand.
  The 3.5 effort is outdated, and has not been touched in probably 3-4

We should just pick up starting with the WF4 code and stubs that Atsushi
contributed recently.

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