[Mono-dev] Mono hangs on shutdown when /dev/ttySx ports were opened.

Leszek Ciesielski skolima at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 05:28:33 EDT 2009


I am experiencing Mono hangup when my application should terminate.
The application opens multiple serial ports, but the bug has also
manifested when network sockets were hanging on reads or writes - it
seems to be related to a pending I/O operation, asynchronous
networking helps somewhat. Anyway, the managed code exits, Mono CPU
usage jumps to 100%, /proc/PID/status shows 4 threads and the
application never exits. kill -3 PID prints:

"0" tid=0x0xb7d0f6f0 this=0x0x2fed8 thread handle 0x404 state: waiting
on 0x400 : Event owns ()

and that's all. What can I do to help debug this?

BTW this happens on 1.9 (Debian and Gentoo) and (Debian and
OpenSuse) [so I'm pretty sure it's not distribution-specific], more
often if the application uses System.Windows.Forms.


Leszek 'skolima' Ciesielski

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