[Mono-dev] Suspected breakage with references in mcs trunk

Brad Taylor brad at getcoded.net
Wed Sep 16 16:42:41 EDT 2009


I updated mcs and mono to trunk today (r142066) and noticed that
gtk-sharp (trunk and gtk-sharp-2-12 branch) as well as other
applications like Tomboy no longer build.

Here's a snippet of what I'm seeing:

        /home/brad/mono/bin/mcs /out:glade-viewer.exe /r:../glib/glib-sharp.dll /r:../pango/pango-sharp.dll /r:../atk/atk-sharp.dll /r:../gdk/gdk-sharp.dll /r:../gtk/gtk-sharp.dll /r:../glade/glade-sharp.dll ./GladeViewer.cs
        ** (/home/brad/mono/lib/mono/1.0/mcs.exe:32210): WARNING **: The
        following assembly referenced
        from /home/brad/build/gtk-sharp-2-12-branch/glade/glade-sharp.dll could not be loaded:
             Assembly:   gtk-sharp    (assemblyref_index=2)
             Public Key: 35e10195dab3c99f
        The assembly was not found in the Global Assembly Cache, a path
        listed in the MONO_PATH environment variable, or in the location
        of the executing assembly

It seems that mcs is now ignoring the referenced assemblies.

I've traced it back to a commit between r141922 (BAD) and r141717
(GOOD).  Nothing in the log between those two revisions smells like the
culprit, so I'll continue my binary search.

Is anyone else seeing this behavior, or is just my system?



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