[Mono-dev] [PATCH] XSP: Virtual path support on FastCGI Backend (also resulting in MVC support)

Marek Habersack grendel at twistedcode.net
Mon Nov 23 13:41:19 EST 2009

Tiaan Geldenhuys wrote:

> This patch adds better support for mapping of ASP.NET virtual paths on 
> the XSP FastCGI Backend (previously it primarily assumed mapping to 
> physical files and directories on the file system).  As a result, MVC 
> now also seems to be working through FastCGI, which extensively uses URL 
> remapping.
> The code includes a few workarounds for an issue I ran into with Mono’s 
> HostingEnvironment.MapPath implementation (comments included), but that 
> can be addressed separately (and the workarounds reworked later).  For 
> now, this patch does at least get things off the ground and it seems to 
> work as expected.
Committed in r146758 (trunk), r146759 (2.6 branch) and r146761 (2.4 branch) - thanks!



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