[Mono-dev] [PATCH] XSP: Virtual path support on FastCGI Backend (also resulting in MVC support)

Tiaan Geldenhuys tagdev at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 20:29:06 EST 2009

This patch adds better support for mapping of ASP.NET virtual paths on the
XSP FastCGI Backend (previously it primarily assumed mapping to physical
files and directories on the file system).  As a result, MVC now also seems
to be working through FastCGI, which extensively uses URL remapping.


The code includes a few workarounds for an issue I ran into with Mono's
HostingEnvironment.MapPath implementation (comments included), but that can
be addressed separately (and the workarounds reworked later).  For now, this
patch does at least get things off the ground and it seems to work as


There are two attachments: one for the trunk ("trunk/xsp/src") and one for
the main branches ("branches/mono-2-4/xsp/src" and
"branches/mono-2-6/xsp/src").  Please commit.






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