[Mono-dev] Building Mono Develop on OS X

Geoff Norton gnorton at novell.com
Fri May 15 14:37:35 EDT 2009

export ACLOCAL_FLAGS="-I /path/to/your/pkg.m4"


On 15-May-09, at 2:34 PM, jonas echterhoff wrote:

> When I just try ./configure --profile=mac after installing the
> framework, I get:
> ./configure: line 2697: syntax error near unexpected token
> ./configure: line 2697:
> $MONO_REQUIRED_VERSION, has_mono=true, has_mono=false)'
> When I use --prefix to specifiy my mono installation I build from svn
> (which I ultimately want, since that's the only place where I have my
> debugger code), I get further then that, but then I'm missing all the
> requirements (need to build mono-addins, which requires GTK#, which
> requires pango, etc...)
> jonas
> On May 15, 2009, at 8:17 PM, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>> Hello Jonas,
>>> I want to try to get the mono debugger integration work with Mono-
>>> Develop on Mac OS X. Now I'm stuck trying to build mono-develop from
>>> svn, because of all the involved dependencies. What is the easiest
>>> way
>>> to get bootstrapped with this? Is there a package manager which can
>>> install the requirements for me? Or something which gives me the
>>> whole
>>> package? When I install the mono framework, that has most or all of
>>> what is needed, any way to compile against that?
>> That should have everything you need.   I know that this is all I
>> had myself.
>> Could you paste the error messages that you are getting?
>> Miguel.
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