[Mono-dev] What mono branch/tag to use from svn

Joachim Ante joe at unity3d.com
Wed May 6 08:15:28 EDT 2009


We are in the process of upgrading Unity to mono 2.4.

I ran into one showstopper bug, that we want to get through asap.

To build our mono we used tags mono-2-4


1. Is this the right place to pull the most stable version of mono  
that has gone through a full test pass?

2. At least for us the bug is still present on that tag. Sebastian  
says it's fixed in 2.4 branch. Does anyone know which specific  
checkin has fixed this issue?

3. Do you guys usually replace the tags when releasing an update to  
mono 2.4 or do you create a new tag?
It seems like the binary installer has revision 6 in it, but there is  
no corresponding tag folder on svn.

Best regards,
Joachim Ante
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