[Mono-dev] Building mcs from source without mono

Joachim Ante joe at unity3d.com
Fri May 1 18:53:38 EDT 2009


We are currently rebuilding the process of how to build mono. We are  
switching the build process of the mono runtime to be built with  
jamplus instead. This makes it easier for us to port to new platforms  
and maintain them.

Now we don't really want to rebuild the make files to build mcs. But  
it seems that in order to build mcs it is required to have a mono  
checkout next to it and build the mono checkout. I would really like  
to make it so the mono checkout is not required. I already have mono  
installed, so i am not sure why this depdendency to the mono folder  
is needed.

Is there an easy way to remove the dependency to the mono folder  

Joachim Ante

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