[Mono-dev] Problem using Mono under Apache:

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Fri Mar 27 12:06:59 EDT 2009

feffus wrote:
> Robert, thank you for your answer.
> we tried to follow your suggest lowering the number of connections to 100.
> the system returned this error:
> "Maximum number (100 ) of concurrent mod_mono"
> (we tried to set default value used by mono too, 
> that is 20, but the system returned the same error)
> so we set connection back to its previous value,
> and the error disappeared.
> The system still continue not to work properly.
> any other suggest? %-|

I can give you only the usual generic recommendations:

- Upgrade Mono & mod_mono to the latest version

- Assure that the machine is able to process the load. Note that
   "maximum number (n) of concurrent mod_mono" is not  an error
    per se. Maybe the machine isn't able to process more
   requests at a time.

- If your site consists of many pages, the first requests are
   usually pretty slow because the site must be compiled first.
   Try to wake up the site before pushing concurrent load
   on it, e.g. by accessing the site with a concurrent load of 1.

   The next Mono version (2.4) will come with support for
   precompiled sites. This will likely mitigate the problem.


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