[Mono-dev] Mono Develop native menus on Mac OS X

Joachim Ante joe at unity3d.com
Wed Feb 18 16:05:42 EST 2009

>> Funny you would mention this, we were just discussing that at lunch
> today, and we want to make this happen.
> My major concern is not as much the menu itself, but any other bugs  
> that
> we might not be aware of in MonoDevelop/Mac, since none of us use a  
> Mac
> as our main system.   We only hear reports through the grapevines and
> would like to have more actionable data on what might be broken on MD.
> Maybe we should get a Mac for someone in the MonoDevelop team as their
> main machine to make sure that all of these issues get fixed.


Dogfooding would be great.

We will switch to Mono Develop as the default script editor in Unity  
this summer on Mac OS X.
So I'll make sure our programmers who are using Mac OS X will start  
using MonoDevelop, and we'll file bugs.

The menu item is kind of taking the wind out of my sails though. It's  
just really difficult to make the mental switch for all the hotkeys  
like cmd-c / ctrl-c for copy paste etc. So the faster this one gets  
fixed, the faster / easier I can convince people to use Mono Develop  
instead of what ever text editor they are using now.

Joachim Ante

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