[Mono-dev] Mono Develop native menus on Mac OS X

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Wed Feb 18 14:35:49 EST 2009


> Are you guys planning to switch to Mac OS X native menus and hotkeys  
> that fit existing Mac applications for Mono Develop 2.0? (bug 367030)
> Maybe this seems like a minor nuisance, but I think that if we were  
> to include Mono Develop in Unity with menus as they are now on Mac OS  
> X instead of in the menu bar, our users would most likely fly to  
> Denmark and put us on a pitchfork. It's actually a really serious  
> issue for us. It's kind of cultural difference but Mac people care  
> about this.

Funny you would mention this, we were just discussing that at lunch
today, and we want to make this happen.

My major concern is not as much the menu itself, but any other bugs that
we might not be aware of in MonoDevelop/Mac, since none of us use a Mac
as our main system.   We only hear reports through the grapevines and
would like to have more actionable data on what might be broken on MD.

Maybe we should get a Mac for someone in the MonoDevelop team as their
main machine to make sure that all of these issues get fixed.


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