[Mono-dev] correction for "Compiling Mono on WIndows' page.

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Sun Feb 15 23:14:03 EST 2009

> Aha.  The dot at the beginning off the line threw me off. Since I'm  
> used
> to run shell scripts just like /tmp/whatever.sh.  I'm guessing this  
> will
> happen to other users as well, especially since the "how to make  
> this work on
> windows" guide is likely to be read by people not intimately  
> fermiliar with linux
> customs.

I updated the Wiki page with this information.

We now have a Visual Studio script that will build the runtime, and  
hopefully we will soon have msbuild scripts for the rest of the Mono  
class libraries and we should be able to have a fully native build  
setup that does not require Cygwin in the future.


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