[Mono-dev] correction for "Compiling Mono on WIndows' page.

Lucas Meijer lucas at lucasmeijer.com
Sun Feb 15 17:24:09 EST 2009

Adar Wesley wrote:
> This depends on the shell you are using.  If you are using /bin/bash 
> or other
> /bin/sh derivative the instructions are correct.
> Call the script directly as:
> /tmp/build_deps/env.sh
> to run the commands in a sub-shell, or
> . /tmp/build_deps/env.sh
> to run the commands in the current shell (notice the '.' in the 
> beginning of the line)
Aha.  The dot at the beginning off the line threw me off. Since I'm used
to run shell scripts just like /tmp/whatever.sh.  I'm guessing this will 
to other users as well, especially since the "how to make this work on 
guide is likely to be read by people not intimately fermiliar with linux 

Bye, Lucas

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