[Mono-dev] Generic Variance

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Mon Feb 2 08:54:21 EST 2009

> 1)mono_class_has_variant_generic_params (MonoClass *klass)
> Don't move functions around together with patches that add functionality.  
Cleanups, when justifiable, are ok but must
> be done on a separate refactoring only patch. On this case, please just  
add a forward declaration on the top.

Will do

> 2)mono_class_is_assignable_from
> Don't do unneeded changes to existing conditions that just make your  
patch harder to read. By merging the two conditions your
> patch got huge for no reason at all. Please revert this change so the  
patch is smaller.

The chunk of code was extracted into the mono_class_is_variant_of method  
because it is also needed in mono_class_interface_offset. Duplicating the  
code in both places would just cause problems in the long-run.

> 3)mono_class_interface_offset
> This function is used to define layout of classes, vtables and the such.  
You patch lacks neither a proper Changelog notice on why this change is  
needed or tests that evidence it.

Tests are a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem. They can't be written in C#  
until it has variance support (there is a patch for that on the list which  
Marek is handling), and the C# patch has tests which require these VM  
changes. I _could_ write a test in IL, but that would take me a while. The  
changes to mono_class_interface_offset look for a legal variant of the  
supplied interface if nothing was found with the binary search. How  
specific do you want me to be in the ChangeLog?

I'll have a new patch soon. Thanks.
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