[Mono-dev] Moving *.Design to package "mono-design"

Andreas Nahr ClassDevelopment at A-SoftTech.com
Sun Aug 9 16:38:46 EDT 2009

> Unfortunately that leaves you with no option of avoiding aspnet pulling
> winforms through System.Design. :(

> And unfortunately, there seems to be no good way to split up the
> mono-web (ASP.NET) package, as the System.Web assembly seems to have
> quite a few responsibilities.

Well all the Designer Stuff in the *Design assemblies is dynamically binding
at runtime.
So from a purely technical point of view there is no problem in not shipping
the System.Design.dll or something like that with an application that uses
anything from System.Web.
Everything will work as long as you are not using any of the Design stuff
(or using anything that uses the Design stuff). In fact it *should* even
"work" when using the Design stuff, it just won't work the same way as
originally expected.
Afaik currently most of the Web stuff in System.Design is only stubbed out
anyways, so the difference between shipping it or not should (in most cases)
be minimal for *web* applications.


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