[Mono-dev] "mscorlib.dll is an invalid CIL image"

Chris Plasun chrispl78 at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 28 18:52:46 EDT 2009

Hi Rodrigo,

Thanks for your reply.

>You must use a matching mscorlib for the exact compiled 
>mono runtime you have. Grabbing a random one just won't work.
>Are you sure you cross compiled it correctly? Did you validate your setup?

It was compiled by a knowledgeable programmer and he claims that it is correct.

How do I validate the setup? I'm really new to Mono, and Linux.

Is mscorlib.dll created as part of the Mono build?

It's built for powerpc-e300c3

I'll have to find a resource that will show me how source builds are done 
in Linux as I'll need to update the framework periodically.

A manager just said that if I don't succeed getting Mono running we'll 
have to proceed with C++. I hope that doesn't happen. I've dropped C++
for C# and don't want to go back.

Development seems so much simpler in the Microsoft world. =)

Chris Plasun

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