[Mono-dev] How to proceed with AIX...

Randall Stewart rrs at lakerest.net
Tue Apr 28 16:58:25 EDT 2009

Hi all:

I have a question now for your consideration.

I have been working on making AIX and mono work together (5.3 for now
and I will move up to 6.1 eventually ;-))

Now AIX 32 bit Power uses a descriptor for function pointers. I found
this out after lots of debugging. Now I have beat that problem (still
probably have many more yet) but this yield's a question. I have
been so far just adding

#if defined(_AIX)
#if defined(_POWER)

to the *ppc.c files. But now I have a bit of a problem. With
the function descriptors the cpu-ppc.ed needs to be different for
some of the instructions (they are bigger like ppc64.. but not as big).
So, I don't think I can #ifdef in the .ed file.. so should I create a
new type cpu-power.ed and of course then create the appropriate
*power.[ch] files... or is there another good way to have specifics
for AIX in the .ed file?

Thanks for your advice


Randall Stewart
803-317-4952 (cell)

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