[Mono-dev] mod_mono interoperability with php

Robert Bielik robert.bielik at xponaut.se
Thu Apr 23 09:25:32 EDT 2009

I'm on Ubuntu (8.04) and I've a LAMP setup on it, and I want to use mod_mono to enable an ASP.NET web
service. However, as soon as I install mod_mono, mod_php5 gets uninstalled and vice versa. Is there
anything done to resolve this? Ideas how to get around this issue?

Ps. For list maintainers: Please set the normal reply-to behaviour to the list instead of the
original poster. It is after all, a mailing LIST. Replies will more often than not be interesting
to subscribers, and having to do reply-all and delete the OPs address every time is a major PITB.

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