[Mono-dev] [PATCH] Implement support for compiled regular expressions in profile 1.x

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Tue Apr 7 13:33:16 EDT 2009


> On the iPhone using the 1.0 profile is extremely important to cut  
> down on the dll size for mscorlib and friends. Mono already has a big  
> payload when using fullAOT and using 2.0 would make it worse. At the  
> same time we would like to get features like SGEN GC and other  
> optimizations on the iPhone.
> So from our perspective, we would really like to have you keep  
> supporting the 1.0 profile in mono.

I am actually wondering about this.

The sizes of the mscorlib assemblies are as follows:

1.0 		2.0M
2.0		2.5M
Silverlight 	2.1M

It seems that you guys could move to the Silverlight profile and not
increase your footprint very much.   And since you guys are also using
the linker you would not be carrying a lot of extra cruft that you do
not need.

It would be useful for me to understand what reasons might prevent you
from adopting the Silverlight profile.

And in your case, it seems that you guys want to stick to 2.4 and the
1.0 profile would continue to be supported there.   


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