[Mono-dev] [PATCH] Implement support for compiled regular expressions in profile 1.x

Joachim Ante joe at unity3d.com
Tue Apr 7 04:29:51 EDT 2009

> Agreed, but I am not sure that we can serve too many masters at the  
> same
> time.  Maintaining the 1.0 profile comes at a high cost in terms of  
> QA,
> keeping two code paths, making our code harder to read, making it  
> harder
> to debug, forcing us to have more tests and so on.
> We are thinking that perhaps 2.4 (or 2.6) could be the last version  
> that
> supports 1.0, and we would continue to support that release for 1.0
> assemblies but future optimizations would only apply to the 2.0  
> profile.
> I think that even in the embedded scenario folks would likely want to
> stay with something like 2.4 instead of having to bring with them the
> larger runtime that would come with the increased number of new
> features.
On the iPhone using the 1.0 profile is extremely important to cut  
down on the dll size for mscorlib and friends. Mono already has a big  
payload when using fullAOT and using 2.0 would make it worse. At the  
same time we would like to get features like SGEN GC and other  
optimizations on the iPhone.
So from our perspective, we would really like to have you keep  
supporting the 1.0 profile in mono.

Joachim Ante

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