[Mono-dev] Strong-named assembly built with Linux Mono not working with Windows VB Web Application

Dean Brettle dean at brettle.com
Mon Sep 29 13:43:14 EDT 2008

Hi all,

I have a custom web control written in C# that I develop using MonoDevelop
(trunk) and release for use under both Mono (trunk) and .NET.  Under some
circumstances it needs to be installed in the GAC so I sign it.  It works
fine when referenced from a C# or VB.NET Web Site Project and from a C# Web
Application Project, but does not work when referenced from a VB.NET Web
Application Project. The error I get when loading the page with my control
on it is:

*Compiler Error Message: *BC30652: Reference required to assembly
'Brettle.Web.NeatUpload, Version=1.3.2469.19122, Culture=neutral,
PublicKeyToken=c95290d92c5893c8' containing the type
'Brettle.Web.NeatUpload.MultiFile'. Add one to your project.

The reference is definitely there and if I replace the reference with either
a reference to an unsigned assembly or with a signed assembly built from the
same source using VS 2008 Express SP1, the error goes away.  To sum up, *all
* of the following need to be true for the error to occur:

1. VB.NET Web Application project, not c# Web Application project or
VB.NETWeb Site Project.
2. Assembly is signed.
3. Assembly is built/signed using Mono, not .NET.

Also, if I use .NET's sn.exe (with the -vf option) to verify the signature
on the assembly built/signed with Mono, it says it is valid.

Has anyone else run into this or doese anyone have any suggestions for ways
to diagnose/fix/workaround the problem?

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