[Mono-dev] Removing #region and #endregion from source code`

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Sat Sep 27 21:45:46 EDT 2008


> > I disagree; the only people who actually hack the source file should
> > have the right to decision.
> When I read comments like that, it makes me think that there is an air 
> of elitism to it, and that if you aren't touching source, you don't have 
> a say.
> I don't know if that's what you intended, but I wonder if it would be 
> better to have the community come to a consensus about it, rather than 
> excluding certain opinions.

Some people use regions, and some people do not use regions, we do not
really have a consistent coding style in the project for this.

There have been some passionate discussions about the use of them around
the blogs, some people are passionate about it, and some people believe
its one of the worst things to happen to code specially in the presence
of automatic code folding.

Sometimes policy helps, for example, we have policies for coding styles
that help resolve some of these disagreements.   We do not really have a
policy for the use of #region, so we have to fall back to common

Some of these practices are that when you join a project that is
maintained or is mostly authored by someone else, you should follow the
existing practices in the code.

Then again, Harinath right now is in the process of getting the code in
shape, code that has been lacking a maintainer for a very long time, and
he probably feels better about removing features that are seldom used.

So given that we have no policy, it is better in this case for Hari and
Dan to sort this out privately, having a dozen people weighting into the
discussion is not going to help things.


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