[Mono-dev] Mono invoke the C++ method

Jeffrey Stedfast fejj at novell.com
Fri Sep 19 16:50:14 EDT 2008

The easiest solution is to wrap each of the c++ methods you need to call
in a c-library (since Mono can P/Invoke C functions).


On Fri, 2008-09-19 at 10:15 +0800, Taoye wrote:
>   Hi , i am a C# programmer  .Now we develop a project in
> Window , .NET Framework 2.0. We need to run it on mono.I know it can
> run well . But the project use a C++ DLL which
>   develop in Window VC++6.0 . So the problems comes. When we run the
> project on mono , it cannt invoke the method in C++. Can you  give me
> some ideas. Thanks for your help.
>  Ye Tao
>   2008-09-19
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