[Mono-dev] Add a libgmp-wrapper to mono

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Thu Sep 18 19:46:13 EDT 2008


> I have here a fresh wrapper for libgmp, which I would be happy to add to
> mono. Currently, it provides an interface exposing almost all directly
> usable usable functions to .NET (excluding file-transport functions and
> some minor others, the latter mostly obsolete or depracated), featuring
> an intuitive interface (overloaded operators und instance methods that
> act on the current object itself, making efficient computations of long
> formulae with multiplrecision variables possible, e.g.
> x.Add(1).Multiply(3).Remainder(5) would act on only one object, whereas
> (x + 1) * 3 % 5 would create two intermediate objects, not including the
> result, wich is another, distinct object in its own right).

This sounds really good;   My suggestion would be to host this on
code.google.com and then building packages through the OpenSUSE Build
Service which can create packages for multiple distributions at once.

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