[Mono-dev] Mono support on Fedora, Ubuntu, Solaris, etc.

Paul paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Mon Sep 15 17:16:51 EDT 2008


> I don't know if Fedora has something similar but we can use the
> openSUSE Build Service to build packages for RedHat derivatives if
> they don't.  Our hope is that this will lead to better mono support on
> all the major distributions.

There is a problem with this as there are a couple of big differences
between the way Fedora package and SuSE package (I can't speak for other
distros on this).

Assuming the derivatives follow the RedHat rules...

For Fedora/RedHat users, the rule for 64 bit users is that code goes
in /usr/lib64 rather than /usr/lib. Mono has quite a few packages which
proports to move code to the correct libdir, but has things hardcoded as
$(prefix)/lib rather than $(libdir) within config (and even source)

To Fedora/RedHat users, this is a 100% no-no.

Another no-no is the packaging of prebuilt libraries. For example, why
does MD come with mono-cecil prebuilt when there is no good reason for
not using the version supplied by mono itself? Fedora (and RedHat)
packages forbid this and configure/make files need to be fixed. We do
this at packager level.

In short, no-problem with Novell building for anything upto the current
version -1, but anything after that (in this case, current = F9, current
- 1 = F8), it's best left to the Fedora packagers.


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