[Mono-dev] mono on iPhone

Aras Pranckevicius aras at unity3d.com
Wed Sep 3 15:03:59 EDT 2008

> I see a couple of videos on youtube about mono on iphone, I develop
> with  mono/c# app for a couple of years now

Mono was easy to get working on iPhone in early betas of the SDK.
Starting with some beta, it's hard to get it working due to legal and
technical reasons (before that, it was hard to get it working only
because of legal reasons). Basically, no runtime code generation (what
JIT is all about) is allowed on iPhone; both legally and technically.

> iphone, but of course don't want to buy a OSx PC to install the
> iphone-sdk, etc.. so, any tips, sugestions, to build/compile mono for
> iphone?

It's unofficial, unsupported, might not work and could be illegal, but
there are ways to get OS X running on regular PC (google for
Hackintosh). That said, getting Mono to run on iPhone is still a

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