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Paul paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
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Firstly, please excuse this massive cross post. Those who aren't
familiar with each other...

Association of C and C++ Users, this is Fedora
Fedora, Association of C and C++ Users
Association of C and C++ USers, this is Mono
Mono, Association of C and C++ Users.

I'm sure Fedora and Mono know each other ;-)

Every 2 years in the UK we have a fund raising event called Comic
Relief[1]. Comedians, singers and generally everyone gets together to
raise money which is used for grass roots programmes (in other words,
they build the infrastructure, teach people to be self-sufficient etc)
in the developing nations around the world as well as at home (home
being the UK).

Next year is one such year and in a moment of insanity, thought it would
be kind of cool to not only raise money for Comic Relief but also have a
world record attempt for the most number of programmed hours in a

The idea is this. Everyone codes for an hour on a project and gets
sponsored for this hour. I'm sure any coder worth their salt can spare
an hour in a day for this and even if the sponsorship is in pennies, if
enough people do it, then pennies mount up to pounds.

Put it this way, if 744 do this then that will be the equivalent of a
months programming in a day. If they each raise 10UKP, that becomes 7440
UKP raised - all for just working for an hour!!!

I'm not sure yet of the full details (all work on one project, submit to
svn etc), but would certainly welcome ideas.

I will now return you to your scheduled things.


[1] http://www.comicrelief.com
[2] The day being the 13th March
Sie können mich aufreizen und wirklich heiß machen!
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