[Mono-dev] Mono 2.0 download

Kevin Clark kev.clark7 at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 6 19:16:12 EDT 2008

2008/10/6 Andrew Jorgensen <ajorgensen at novell.com>

> As we announced before we are only producing binaries for
> openSUSE 11.0
> SUSE Linux Enterprise 10
> Windows
> Mac OS X
> We have left up the old repositories for now.  We may remove them around
> the 2.2 release cycle.

Jezz.... way to alienate the user base.  Ive been using Mono for a number of
years, and one of my main reasons for using SuSe/openSuse was due to the
fact that Novell always made sure that the mono releases were availble for
the last couple of suse releases.  Now Im faced with either upgrading to
11.0 or setting a day aside to build mono from source, and loose the system
maintained updates.

Thanks for that.
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