[Mono-dev] Running tests with NUnit on Mono+Windows

Leszek Ciesielski skolima at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 07:24:42 EST 2008

On Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 6:06 PM, Leszek Ciesielski <skolima at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> is it currently possible to run NUnit tests on Mono on Windows? Nant
> nunit2 task ignores the target framework (invoked with nant
> -t:mono-2.0, checked with
> Assert.IsNotNull(Type.GetType("Mono.Runtime")); - Mono 2.0.1, NAnt
> 0.86-b1) and happily runs the tests on Microsoft Framework, as I found
> today to my frustration. Up-to-date (2.4.8) and even older (2.2.10)
> NUnit binaries do not run with latest Mono ("**ERROR **: implement
> type compare for 1b! aborting..."). I get the same error invoking the
> Mono-provided nunit-console2.bat (which wouldn't be of much use either
> way, as it's badly outdated). Is this a regression in 2.0(.1)?
> BTW could Mono please update the NUnit it ships with?

A bit of follow-up: today I finally did some more checking and found
out, that with Mono 2.0 and 2.0.1, most mono/bin/*.bat scripts result
in tons of error messages which suggest that the tools are run on
MS.Net instead of Mono. With 1.9 and 1.9.1, everything executes on
Mono as expected. Is this a regression?

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