[Mono-dev] Running tests with NUnit on Mono+Windows

Leszek Ciesielski skolima at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 12:06:54 EST 2008


is it currently possible to run NUnit tests on Mono on Windows? Nant
nunit2 task ignores the target framework (invoked with nant
-t:mono-2.0, checked with
Assert.IsNotNull(Type.GetType("Mono.Runtime")); - Mono 2.0.1, NAnt
0.86-b1) and happily runs the tests on Microsoft Framework, as I found
today to my frustration. Up-to-date (2.4.8) and even older (2.2.10)
NUnit binaries do not run with latest Mono ("**ERROR **: implement
type compare for 1b! aborting..."). I get the same error invoking the
Mono-provided nunit-console2.bat (which wouldn't be of much use either
way, as it's badly outdated). Is this a regression in 2.0(.1)?

BTW could Mono please update the NUnit it ships with?


Leszek 'skolima' Ciesielski

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