[Mono-dev] XPCOM and Mono clarification

Jonathan Chambers joncham at gmail.com
Thu May 15 10:09:40 EDT 2008

Hello Enric,

     At this point, you should be able to consume XPCOM components from C#
if you setup your environment right (I won't go into detail on that right
now). You could also theoretically create XPCOM components in C# and consume
them from any XPCOM supportive language. The biggest part missing for all
this is tool support. You would have to hand create (or write your own tool)
to generate IDL, C#, etc. Also note that if you want to use XPCOM components
authored in C# in your application you'll either need to host the runtime,
or create a helper library that loads the runtime for you. I have thought
about doing this but haven't been motivated enough yet. This is what MS does
when exposing C# objects as COM components.


On Sun, Jan 13, 2008 at 10:09 AM, Enric Jaen <enricjaen at yahoo.es> wrote:

> Hi, I know what XPCOM is about, but I don't have clear
> its Mono extension. Does it mean that for example I
> can write an XPCOM component in C# and invoke it from
> a Java client ? Or rather that I can only write and
> consume XPCOM components only with .NET language?
> Thanks for any clarification,
> /Enric
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