[Mono-dev] _wapi_thread_set_termination_details Error

Dominic Plouffe dominic at dplouffe.ca
Sat May 10 21:59:49 EDT 2008


I'm doing a port of a server I wrote in c#, .Net 2.0 to Mono 1.9.1.  The
server makes heavy use of timers/threads which repeat a process every so
often. After the server has been running for about 12 hours, I start getting
these errors: _wapi_thread_set_termination_details caught by
System.Exception.  The application crashes and ends once that happens.  I've
never had any problems on Windows.

I've been searching the web and found other people with similar errors.
What I'm looking for is an explanation of what the error is, and maybe some
guidance from other people who've had similar problems...


Dominic Plouffe
dominic at dplouffe.ca
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