[Mono-dev] Mono.Media for GSOC

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Fri Mar 28 20:26:10 EDT 2008


> I'm interested in applying for GSOC to work on Mono.Media and I was
> just wondering if I could get a few more details about the project.
> Has any work been completed on it?  How comprehensive in terms of
> codec support are you looking for?

No work has been done in this area, so part of the challenge is in
coming up with a definition of what exactly this should do.

Input is welcomed.

Notice that this is not a full-blown binding to GStreamer, but it will
likely use gstreamer underneath it.   I suggest to draw inspiration from
Java Media, as it has probably all the major concepts covered.

> This past summer I developed ffmpeg-sharp to aid in decoding and
> encoding audio for a (yet to be released) media player I've been
> working on for the past year, so I have some background on audio
> playback.  I've also done work with both OpenAL and DirectSound for my
> media player (I can provide code samples of the work I've done).

This sound interesting.

Am particularly interested in being able to control MIDI and play back
MIDI audio at a minimum.

> The way I would envision the framework is a base library that supports
> both codec and backend plugins; eg. a backend plugin for DirectSound,
> OpenAL, ALSA, etc.. and frontend plugins for codec support such as
> ffmpeg.

I am fine with this.

> I see two methods for audio playback, simple single-threaded methods
> that take either a stream or file and play it back as well as more
> complicated multi-threaded methods for continuous or dynamic playback.
> I've done some work with gapless playback using OpenAL and Directsound
> for my player.

> I was just curious if I could get a little input on my ideas and
> whatnot before I go ahead and write up my application.
> Thank you in advance,
> Justin Cherniak
> cherniak at wisc.edu

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