[Mono-dev] Mono COM support question

Sebi Onofrei sebastian.onofrei at eyepartner.com
Mon Mar 3 04:58:47 EST 2008

 Hello dear developers,

I am Sebi and I'm currently developing an application which aims to do 
massive encoding of queued movies
and of course, as open source supporter, I decided to use Mono as the 
development environment for this application in my

I am currently using Mono 1.2.6-1 as I had no time to update it to a 
later version yet.

I wrote approximately 14500 lines of code in almost 2.5 months since I 
started this project and I must tell you that I'm really
pleased with your product. I encountered some problems but successfully 
developed some features from scratch if they were
not implemented yet natively by Mono or found answers all over the 
internet about how to solve my problems (such of not
implemented WebClient, WebRequest, WebResponse, etc... anyway using 
sockets I managed to successfully create classes that
work like a charm)

The problem is that now I need to use COM communication. I will have to 
use Flix Engine from On2 and as I discovered reading
their documentation / how-tos, I sorta' need this. (functions like 
"Type.GetTypeFromProgID("xyz")" for example are not
yet implemented)

I have no experience at all with COM communication or such, so please 
forgive me if this will make some of you laugh or something :)

Can I know when COM support will be added? Or can anyone help me a bit 
solving this communication? There's this SDK from
On2 that I have to use. There is a version for linux of their SDK, but 
any suggestions about how to solve this the right way will be

Thank you for all your support and Go MONO!

With kind regards,
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