[Mono-dev] Mono Class library question

Alex Chudnovsky alexc at majestic12.co.uk
Sun Mar 2 11:02:51 EST 2008


Can someone knowledgeable please clarify whether what I want to do is
acceptable under Mono's license - I want to take HttpWebRequest class
and change it for my custom need of being able to provide custom DNS
server for resolves (this might involve changing actually Dns.Resolve
function) - I am fully aware that this is not something Mono needs
because you probably don't want these "extensions" of .NET's
functionality, however I am concerned whether I am right thinking that
LGPL 2 license under which (as I understand) class library is licensed
will allow me to take these couple of source files, add extra
functionality that I need and link them with my commercial application
without having to make whole application open sourced - if I understand
LGPL correctly I will need to make open source actual changes that I
make to the library itself, which is fine by me.

Am I right or wrong?

Initially I looked at Rotor shared source but their license is too
restrictive so I don't want to get involved with it.



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