[Mono-dev] Performance problem with System.Data

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Hi Nagappan,


As far as I know, when adding many records, the suggested usage of DataTable is [BeginLoadData -> add records -> EndLoadData]. In this case the performance of both implementation should be roughly similar, but the memory footprint of RBTree will be much higher.


Can you please post the Senganal’s test code?



Konstantin Triger

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Hi Kosta,

RBTree implementation is not directly related to this bug, but I was trying to say, in general about the performance of System.Data.

In general RBTree performance is much better than Array based. As per Senganal's test result, for adding 1 million records, it took 40 minutes. With RBTree implementation, he was able to do them in seconds.

Adding senganal in CC.


2008/2/2 Konstantin Triger <kostat at mainsoft.com>:

Hey Nagappan,

Can you please explain
1. How RBTree implementation will solve the issue in the bug?
2. Why do you think RBTree implementation will be superior over Array in performance?

Konstantin Triger

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