[Mono-dev] Performance problem with System.Data

Nagappan A nagappan at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 16:38:38 EST 2008

Hi Kosta,

RBTree implementation is not directly related to this bug, but I was trying
to say, in general about the performance of System.Data.

In general RBTree performance is much better than Array based. As per
Senganal's test result, for adding 1 million records, it took 40 minutes.
With RBTree implementation, he was able to do them in seconds.

Adding senganal in CC.


2008/2/2 Konstantin Triger <kostat at mainsoft.com>:

>  Hey Nagappan,
> Can you please explain
> 1. How RBTree implementation will solve the issue in the bug?
> 2. Why do you think RBTree implementation will be superior over Array in
> performance?
> Regards,
> Konstantin Triger

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