[Mono-dev] XIM and mono-winforms-2.0

Paul paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Sat Aug 23 07:09:23 EDT 2008


> >> Finally, as a workaround you can set environment XMODIFIERS=dummy to
> >> avoid call to XOpenIM() which is likely breaking your mono/mwf
> >> environment.
> >> We cannot introduce any workaround for you, as we cannot avoid call to
> >> XOpenIM() while everything looks fine.
> I reviewed my code and noticed that XOpenIM() was actually called even
> when XSetLocaleModifiers() results in failure. So, my code did not
> realize my expectation. I've checked in a fix to both trunk and 2.0
> branch, so please retry it.

That's got it working :-). It's still reporting that it can't find XIM

> > It looks like LC_CTYPE en_GB.UTF8 doesn't work. en_US.UTF8 is fine
> > though.
> That rather sounds like you have some valid setup for en_US.UTF8
> but not for en_GB.UTF8.

Possibly, however as the likes of OOo and Scribus (plus a pile of other
apps which check LC_CTYPE) are not reporting a problem, I've a feeling
it's more down to mono than my set up.


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