[Mono-dev] Bug? Or is it Me?

Charlie Poole charlie at nunit.com
Mon Aug 18 13:19:02 EDT 2008

Hi All,

With NUnit 2.4.8 running on Mono 2.0 I see some behavior that
puzzles me. It may be due to changes in NUnit or Mono or both.

I'm working to isolate this better, but I'd like to know whether
it rings any bells before I spend too much time...

An exception is thrown in the call to AppDomain.CreateDomain
because a particular assembly can't be found. Apparently,
the assembly is being looked for in the originating domain.
I verified this by copying the assembly to NUnit's AppBase.

There seems to be no reason for a CreateDomain call to be
looking for /any/ assemblies. I haven't yet got the domain
back, so I haven't tried to load anything.

I do have some suspicion of the stack trace I'm getting, so
it is possible that the error is really occuring in the 
following call, which does load an assembly that references
the assembly in question. However, I have not attempted
to serialize the assembly back to the first domain - a
typical mistake people make - and I don't have an
AppDomainManager that could be doing it. Can anyone
suggest directions for further investigation?


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