[Mono-dev] ASP.NET MVC and Mono problems

Nik Radford nik at terminaldischarge.net
Sun Aug 10 17:06:08 EDT 2008

Actually, it's preview 2. Like I said, I got the plain MVC solution to 
work (the one you get when you start a brand new MVC project) but as 
soon as I drop in my own published site the computer says no (the error 


Eric Zeltmann wrote:
> Nik,
> What version of MVC are you using to compile?  I've been playing 
> around recently with Preview 4, and there are many problems with 
> System.Web.Abstractions (well, about 11).  I haven't tried any of the 
> earlier versions, but I know someone had gotten preview 2 to work 
> correctly (or at least that's what the google tells me).   Since MVC 
> depends on Routing, which in turn depends on Abstractions, it's 
> probably why there are about 3 calls talking about MVC or a dependency.
> The problem with preview 4 seems to be quite a few IIS 7.0 methods in 
> System.Web for .NET 3.5.  Apparently System.Web.Abstractions is 
> calling those methods which are either non existent, stubbed, or 
> marked as MonoToDo.  I've got the MoMa (version 1.9) run on 
> System.Web.Abstractions, and I'm working on a specific list of methods 
> and their general makeup, if anyone is interested.
> I'm hoping to play around with those methods, but I've got very 
> limited experience (read: none whatsoever) in creating patches for 
> Mono code.  My only other suggestion would be to find a previous 
> version of MVC and see if it works correctly with that.
> Peace.
> -Eric
> 2008/8/10 Nik Radford <nik at terminaldischarge.net 
> <mailto:nik at terminaldischarge.net>>
>     Hi guys,
>         I've just come up against something thats driving me a bit
>     batty, and I was hoping someone might have some insight.
>     Basically I've created a ASP.NET <http://ASP.NET> MVC application
>     with intentions of running it on Mono. The application also uses
>     nhibernate 1.2 and spring.net <http://spring.net>, and I'm using
>     pre-compiled "published" site under mono
>     I'm using the SVN version of mono (updated today), which, runs the
>     MVC template project fine, however when running my project I get
>     the following error :-
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> Eric L. Zeltmann
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