[Mono-dev] ASP.NET MVC and Mono problems

Eric Zeltmann eric.zeltmann at gmail.com
Sun Aug 10 16:05:14 EDT 2008


What version of MVC are you using to compile?  I've been playing around
recently with Preview 4, and there are many problems with
System.Web.Abstractions (well, about 11).  I haven't tried any of the
earlier versions, but I know someone had gotten preview 2 to work correctly
(or at least that's what the google tells me).   Since MVC depends on
Routing, which in turn depends on Abstractions, it's probably why there are
about 3 calls talking about MVC or a dependency.

The problem with preview 4 seems to be quite a few IIS 7.0 methods in
System.Web for .NET 3.5.  Apparently System.Web.Abstractions is calling
those methods which are either non existent, stubbed, or marked as
MonoToDo.  I've got the MoMa (version 1.9) run on System.Web.Abstractions,
and I'm working on a specific list of methods and their general makeup, if
anyone is interested.

I'm hoping to play around with those methods, but I've got very limited
experience (read: none whatsoever) in creating patches for Mono code.  My
only other suggestion would be to find a previous version of MVC and see if
it works correctly with that.


2008/8/10 Nik Radford <nik at terminaldischarge.net>

>  Hi guys,
>     I've just come up against something thats driving me a bit batty, and I
> was hoping someone might have some insight.
> Basically I've created a ASP.NET MVC application with intentions of
> running it on Mono. The application also uses nhibernate 1.2 and
> spring.net, and I'm using pre-compiled "published" site under mono
> I'm using the SVN version of mono (updated today), which, runs the MVC
> template project fine, however when running my project I get the following
> error :-

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