[Mono-dev] VisualwebGUI 6.0.4, Framework 2.0 working with Linux + Mono.

Stephanus van Staden nux at nux.co.za
Sat Aug 9 05:10:05 EDT 2008

I did some further testing and tried to see if my 64bit issue will go away
on a another platform and another version of Mono.  I think I must mention
that this work with Microsoft .Net 2.0
I'm now trying to find where the problem lies - Mono or WebGUI

So I tried Opensuse 10.2 (32 bit x86)  - Mono JIT compiler version 2.1 -
Latest VisualWebGUI 6.1.2

I now even get the error on 32 bit - the same problem - so I disassemled the
function that give the problem and it seems like the Mono does not like
IL_0006 (see below).  I do not have any experience in the IL stuff - but it
seems like something to do with the way an if/switch statement is compiled
and then obfuscated  (I'm just guessing...)
Maybe it is obvious to someone else who knows the IL stuff by heart.

.method assembly hidebysig specialname static 
        bool  get_CacheOK() cil managed
  // Code size       31 (0x1f)
  .maxstack  8
  IL_0000:  nop
  IL_0001:  nop
  IL_0002:  ldc.i4.1
  IL_0003:  br.s       IL_0012
  IL_0005:  nop
  IL_0006:  brfalse.s  IL_000b
  IL_0008:  nop
  IL_0009:  br.s       IL_0018
  IL_000b:  ldc.i4.1
  IL_000c:  brfalse.s  IL_0015
  IL_000e:  br.s       IL_0000
  IL_0010:  br.s       IL_0014
  IL_0012:  br.s       IL_0005
  IL_0014:  nop
  IL_0015:  ldc.i4.0
  IL_0016:  brtrue.s   IL_0002
  IL_0018:  nop
  IL_0019:  ldsfld     bool Gizmox.WebGUI.Server.Cache::'12AA0'
  IL_001e:  ret
} // end of method Cache::get_CacheOK
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