[Mono-dev] VisualwebGUI 6.0.4, Framework 2.0 working with Linux + Mono.

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Wed Aug 6 14:47:03 EDT 2008

Stephanus van Staden wrote:
> We have been using it in SLES 10 and mono 1.9 for quite a while now.  Only
> the ASP.net part and not the Silverlight stuff...  not yet.
> There is a small problem with 64bit SLES 10 SP that we are trying to
> solve...  Have not tried it on the Mono 2.0 preview yet.
> see my posts to VWG about the 64bit problem here 
> http://www.visualwebgui.com/Forums/tabid/364/forumid/27/threadid/11378/scope/posts/Default.aspx
> VWG 6.1 on SLES 64 bit and Mono 1.9.1 give Invalid IL code 
> Maybe you have a solution for it..
> Maybe you can post your WebGUI Howto here on the mono forum?  (If thats
> allowed)

Stephanus, finally a successfull story.

I want to put all the useful information I have, what I found and some
workaround however I'm not quite satisfied with it and will try to find
maybe another way to make things work.

I will try to do further tests in this matter and I will take a look at the
problem you just described perhaps I could find something.

Finally I've tested once or twice VWG 6.1.2 on Linux and found that it's
generating an exception at Gizmox.WebGUI.Server assembly but since it's
currently an unstable release I will wait til it's stable. At last
Silverlight it's another different story, I've also tested very little and I
couldn't get it work in any environment.

My environment Configuration:

#Server base

OpenSuSe 11.0 (32 bits) + Apache2 (2.2.8-28.1) + Mono (1.9.1-6.1) + mod_mono
apache2 module (1.9-20.1)

#Development base

Windows XP , Visual Studio 2005, VisualwebGUI 6.0.4 for framework 2.0

Problem found (some background):

Originally the apache2 mod_mono module uses "mod-mono-server"
(/usr/bin/mod-mono-server) which is a script that finally calls THE
"mod-mono-server.exe" that is the actual interpreter of all the ASP.NET
stuff. There is also a version 2 of the "mod-mono-server" called
"mod-mono-server2". Finally there is two more scripts, "xsp" and "xsp2"
which both are a Mono ASP.NET Web Server implementation. Basically the
problem is that with "mod-mono-server" or "xsp" a VisualwebGUI application
won't work because none of the "servers" can't load assemblies for the .NET
framework 2.0 but is only loads assemblies for the .NET framework 1.0. There
is also another problem, the "mod-mono-server2" can load the framework 2.0
and works fine with any regular ASP.NET but not with VisualwebGUI. But there
is a light at the end of the tunnel, according to my tests using the "xsp2"
a VisualwebGUI runs without problems.

Deploy :

This a basic solution and at first glance not recomended for a production
server but it's a start.

1. not use apache2 + mono to use with VisualwebGUI

2. use XSP2 to run the VisualWebGUI app

    See documentation but a simple example would be:

    /usr/bin/xsp2 --port 80 --root /srv/www/htdocs

    Copy all the application needed files to /srv/www/htdocs

    and simply http://server/Form1.wgx 

3. Modification to "Web.config"

   To make it work you must make a simple change in the web.config file

  Original setting: <Application Code="Form1"
Type="WebGUIApplication1.Form1, 'WebGUIApplication1'"/>

  Modified setting:  <Application Code="Form1"
Type="WebGUIApplication1.Form1, WebGUIApplication1"/> 

  You must also strip the ' ' from the name of the project/solution in this
case, 'WebGUIApplication1'.

  NOTE1: This modification works fine also with IIS or Visual Studio dev web

  NOTE2: I could noticed that apparently this modification is not needed
when using Visual Studio 2008.

4. Web Explorers tests 

    Works fine for me with Firefox 3.0 (from KDE 3 and Windows) and with IE7
(notably slower than the  
    Firefox at least with VisualWebGUI, not trying to start any discussion
about this matter... :) )

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